National Laboratory of Radar Surveillance System

RaSS Lab is one of the four national laboratories of CNIT (Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunication). It was instituted in December 2010 as an evolvement from a CNIT Research Centre. It is located in Pisa, Galleria Gerace, 18, 56124, Italy.

The main mission of RaSS is to carry out applied research activities in the field of radar, applied electromagnetics, remote sensing, telecommunication, signal processing and network security.

The main research interests are related to wideband radar, SAR/ISAR, InSAR, interferometric imaging 2D/3D and full 3D, passive radar based on digital waveform, wideband microwave radar (form X band to W band), e.m. modelling, RCS (Radar Cross Section) numerical computation, target feature extraction by exploiting target’s inverse scattering properties, propagation modelling, antenna design, tracking with multiple radars.

RaSS is organized (see Fig.1) in four research areas, namely radar systems, radar signal/image processing, remote sensing, antenna, electromagnetic modelling & materials, explorative areas, instrumental laboratories, security office, secretariat, quality control and public relation offices. The director, who chairs the Steering Committee, is in charge of the laboratory governance .

The lab staff consists of University consultants, CNIT personnel, Post-Docs, PhD students and short term contract researchers and it is currently composed by 51 people.

RaSS has been involved both as leader as well as participant in several national and international research projects, funded by MoD (Ministry of defence), EDA (European Defence Agency). MIUR (Ministry of Education), MISE (Ministry of Economic Development), EU FP7, H2020, ESA, ASI, Tuscany Region, NCIA (NATO), Italian Industries like LEONARDO, MBDA, VITROCISET, INTERMARINE, GEM, E-GEOS, others. Most of the RaSS projects led to the production of technological demonstrators at TRL 5-6.

RaSS participates in the NATO SET panel meetings, in several NATO SET (Sensor Electronic Technologies) Task Groups, and in EDA CapTechs.

RaSS is also a member of the AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association) through CNIT and is a partner of the Cluster “Trasporti Italia 2020”.

As a consequence of the high-level technological capabilities reached by RaSS, some researchers founded a CNIT and Univ. of Pisa spin-off company called ECHOES for the production of multichannel radar for civilian and military applications.

RaSS is strongly involved and participates in research and experimental activities at the JCC lab. “Ugo Tiberio”, a joint Italian navy CSSN and CNIT laboratory.


Fig.1 – RaSS Lab. organization

Laboratory building: Galleria G.B. Gerace, 18, 56124 Pisa (PI)

Director: Prof. Fabrizio BERIZZI, Email: fabrizio.berizzi[AT]; Phone: +39 050 2217 535 (Università di Pisa) – +39 050 3820818 (RaSS); Mobile: +39 3356813113


Contacts: Email: RaSS[AT], PEC: cnit[AT], Phone: +39 050 3820810, Fax: +39 050 3820571

Staff of the RaSS Laboratory

People Area Position
Bacci Alessio R Ricercatore
Bernabò Pier Cesare R Dottorando
Bianchi Davide R Assegnista di ricerca
Borgese Michele R Assegnista di ricerca
Callegari Christian R Ricercatore
Cantelli Forti Alessandro R Ricercatore
Capria Amerigo R Ricercatore
Cataldo Davide R Assegnista di ricerca
Ciampalini Chiara R BORSISTA CNIT
Colicelli Antonio A CO.OCCASIONALE
Conti Michele R Ricercatore
Corucci Alessandro T Ricercatore
Cuccoli Fabrizio R Ricercatore
Degiorgi Marco R Assegnista di ricerca
Di Candia Alessio R BORSISTA CNIT
Fontana Nunzia R Ricercatore
Gelli Samuele R Assegnista di ricerca
Gentile Luca R Ricercatore
Ghio Selenia R Dottorando
Giusti Elisa R Ricercatore
Ilacqua Giuseppe T CO.PRO
Lionetti Francesco A Operatore Amministrativo
Lischi Stefano R Assegnista di ricerca
Lupidi Alberto R CO.PRO
Marinari Sabrina A Collaboratore Amministrativo
Massini Riccardo R Assegnista di ricerca
Moscardini Christian R Ricercatore
Nenna Guido R Ricercatore
Petri Dario R Assegnista di ricerca
Porfido Maria Bianca R Dottoranda
Saglimbeni Roberto A Operatore Amministrativo
Salvetti Federica R CO.PRO
Saverino Anna Lisa T Ricercatore
Staglianò Daniele R Assegnista di ricerca
Tomei Sonia R Ricercatore
Usai Pierpaolo R Assegnista di ricerca

Afferents to the RaSS Laboratory

Albani Matteo Ricercatore Universitario 0577 234 1 850
Barillaro Giuseppe Professore Associato 050 2217 601
Berizzi Fabrizio Professore Ordinario
Direttore Lab. RaSS
050 2217 535
Bianchi Davide Assegnista di Ricerca 050 2217 681
Borgese Michele Assegnista di Ricerca 050 2217 681
Cantelli Forte Alessandro Assegnista di Ricerca 050 38208 22
Capannesi Luca Tecnico UNIFI T.I. 055 4796 692
Carobbi Carlo Ricercatore Universitario 055 4796 268
Cataldo Davide Dottorando (borsa CNIT) 050 2217 673
Ciampalini Chiara Borsista (borsa CNIT)
Costa Filippo Ricercatore 050 2217 577
Dalle Mese Enzo Afferente Emerito 050 38208 19
Degiorgi Marco Dottorando (borsa CNIT) 050 2217 577
Di Candia Alessio Borsista (borsa CNIT)
Facheris Luca Professore Associato 055 4796 274
Fortunati Stefano Assegnista di Ricerca 050 2217 578
Freni Angelo Professore Associato 055 4796 522/381
Fusco Gaetano Professore Associato 0644585 128
Garzelli Andrea Professore Associato 0577 1606 129
Gelli Samuele Assegnista di Ricerca 050 2217 673
Genovesi Simone Ricercatore Universitario 050 2217 576
Gherardelli Monica Professore Associato 055 4796 519
Ghio Selenia Dottoranda 050 2217 673
Gini Fulvio Professore Ordinario 050 2217 550
Giovagnola Andrea Dir. JCC Lab – C.V.
Greco Maria Professore Associato 050 2217 620
Innocenti Mario Professore Ordinario 050 2217 319
Lischi Stefano Assegnista di ricerca 050 2217 673
Lombardini Fabrizio Ricercatore Universitario 050 2217 675
Manco Andrea Dir. Istituto Vallauri – C.V.
Martorella Marco Professore Associato 050 2217 624
Martini Tristano Referente Prog. MAPIS – C.C.
Massini Riccardo Assegnista di ricerca 050 38208 10
Monorchio Agostino Professore Associato 050 2217 542
Neri Andrea Referente Prog. MAPIS – T.V.
Petri Dario Assegnista di ricerca 050 38208 10
Porfido Maria Bianca Dottoranda (borsa CNIT) 050 2217 673
Ricci Angelo Maria Componente del CTS
Sereno Lorenzo Referente Prog. SCOUT – T.V.
Soleti Rocco Componente del CTS – C.C.
Staglianò Daniele Assegnista di Ricerca 050 2217 673
Usai Pierpaolo Assegnista 050 2217 681