Federated CNIT National Laboratory of Smart, Sustainable and Secure Internet Technologies and Infrastructures – S3ITI

The National Laboratory S3ITI, even though recently created (2016), builds upon numerous research topics and activities that have been present for a long time within the CNIT Research Unit (RU) at the University of Genoa. Specifically, it deals with

  • Flexible and programmable networks, along the paradigms of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
  • Integration between access networks and cloud/fog computing infrastructures
  • Network energy efficiency in legacy and new generation architectures
  • Dynamic allocation of fixed and mobile resources in 5G networks
  • High-throughput (Tbit/s) satellite networks and pervasive satellite networks (nano-satellites)
  • Network and host cybersecurity
  • Advanced signal processing techniques for multimedia devices, systems and applications with high processing and cognitive capacity
  • Virtualization and remote control of heterogeneous instrumentation infrastructures
  • Sensor networks and the Internet of Things (IoT)

The S3ITI Lab possesses high-value instrumental resources for SDN and NFV, both in terms of hardware and software, high-speed switching systems (several hundred Gbits/s), numerous 40-Gbit/s network interfaces, systems for emulation of traffic flows and advanced network architectures, measurement instrumentation for the acquisition, processing and management of large data volumes. The infrastructure also includes a node of the FIWARE-Lab European cloud federation, in the framework of the European FICORE Consortium (FP7), with 448 cores, and about 1 TB RAM and 22 TB mass memory (http://status.lab.fiware.org/node/Genoa).

The available expertise and instrumental resources have been acquired during numerous years of research activity, with the participation in quite a few national and international projects. In the European projects’ framework (both FP7 and H2020), the staff of the Lab has conducted partnership (projects ARCADIA – H2020, http://www.arcadia-framework.eu, and FI-WARE – FP7, https://www.fi-ppp.eu/projects/technology-foundation/fiware#detail), as well as coordination activities (projects ECONET – FP7, http://www.econet-project.eu, and INPUT – H2020, http://www.input-project.eu).

Laboratory building:

Director: Prof. Franco Davoli

Contacts: E-mail: franco.davoli[AT]cnit.it, Phone: