Expertise: The CNR Research Unit of Pisa involves two Institutes: ISTI (Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione) and the IIT (Istituto di Informatica e Telematica).

The Wireless Networks research laboratory (WNLab) of ISTI conducts fundamental and applied research covering the following topics:Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), Communication middleware for context awareness, Indoor localisation,Mobile social computing, Sensing Technologies for monitoring Systems (applied to cultural heritage, Well-Being, and Energy Consumption), Sensor-Based Activity recognition, and Wireless Communications (from satellites to terrestrial wireless sensors). The Laboratory also conducts educational activities, involving PhDs, graduate, and undergraduate students.

The Ubiquitous Internet research group of IIT investigates, develops and prototypes innovative solutions for the ubiquitous Future Internet. The application fields range from the Smart Cities to Intelligent Transportation Systems, and from systems for the healthcare and the environmental protection to Smart Grids. Our research is focused on architecture and protocols for self-organizing wireless networks (opportunistic networks, vehicular networks, sensor networks) that exploit the emerging paradigms of the “Internet of Things” and (online/mobile) Social Networks to establish a close interaction between the smart objects in the physical world and the cyber applications and services. In addition, the group develops networking technologies for the monitoring and control of complex systems such as Smart Grids, and advanced eHealth applications, and studies the structural characteristics of the complex ubiquitous networks.

Address: Via G. Moruzzi, 1 – 56124 PISA

Phone: +39 050 315 3363 [050 315 + ext]

Fax: +39-050 315 2113


Research Unit Responsible: Dr. Erina FERRO


Members of the Research Unit

Surname Name ext
ANCILLOTTI Emilio 2437
BARSOCCHI Paolo 2965
BOLDRINI Chiara 3504
BORGIA Eleonora 2407
BRUNO Raffaele 3078
CHESSA Stefano 2887
CONTI Marco 3062
DELMASTRO Franca 2405
FERRO Erina 3070
FURFARI Francesco 2970
GIROLAMI Michele 2958
GOTTA Alberto 2053
GREGORI Enrico 3063
PASSARELLA Andrea 3269
PINIZZOTTO Antonio Carmelo 2115
POTORTI’ Francesco 3058
RESTA Giovanni 2408
SANTI Paolo 2411