“Contraband Pixels & Texts (Pixelettere)”. CNIT and the DOGANA project promote a literary-graphic competition to raise awareness on Social Engineering and phishing

“Contraband Pixels & Texts, or… make stories, not phishing” is a literary-graphic competition on social engineering and phishing, organized by PRA Lab and CNIT (Consorzio nazionale interuniversitario per le telecomunicazioni), partner of the DOGANA project, funded under the HORIZON 2020 programme. Participants: writers and cartoonists / illustrators. Registration: registration is free and open to people residing in EU countries

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The Cleansky project X-WALD, coordinated by RaSS Lab. Of CNIT, wins the second prize at the annual Clean Sky award 2017!

The Cleansky project X-WALD, coordinated by RaSS Lab. Of CNIT, wins the second prize at the annual Clean Sky award 2017! The X-WALD project “Avionic X-band Weather signal modelling, and processing vALidation through real Data acquisition and analysis” was awarded second prize at the annual Clean Sky award for Best Projects from Partners during the Closing Event ‘Europe, Innovation

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IEEE International Workshop on Measurements & Networking (M&N 2017)

The CNIT sponsors the fourth edition of the IEEE International Workshop on Measurements & Networking (M&N 2017, web site: http://2017.mn.ieee-ims.org/) that will be held in Naples on 27-29 September 2017 at the CeSMA (Service Center for Advanced Metrology), University of Napoli Federico II. The main topics of the conference concern with “Methods and techniques for networks performance assessment”, “QoS

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Mobile World Congress 2017 Barcellona 27 Feb – 2 Mar. Within the framework of the Graphene Flagship, CNIT (Dr. Marco Romagnoli), in collaboration with Ericsson, Nokia and IMEC, has developed graphene photonics integration for high speed transmission systems and presented a demo of a packaged graphene-based modulator operating over several optical telecommunications bands at the Graphene Experience Zone of

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CNIT – RaSS of Pisa obtained the ISO9001:2015 certification

The RaSS (Radar Surveillance Systems) laboratory was awarded with ISO 9001/2015 certification from international and independent body DNV GL. The certification refers to the “Design and development of technology systems and services in telecommunications, radar and electromagnetism and related computer aids and the design and manufacture of RF and microwave equipment and subsystems”.


The DITEN and DIBRIS departments of the University of Genoa have launched, with the patronage of CNIT and CINI consortia and with the support of institutions and companies, the third edition of the University II level Master in Cyber Security and Data Protection. The Master – whose duration is 12 months – meets the needs of companies and institutions

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Nutaq partner of CNIT for Physical Layer Security

Security of wireless communication systems has always been a concern and, as a result, a rich field for research. Traditionally, security features, like cryptography, are added to the upper layers of wireless communications protocol stacks. Cognitive Radios is a wireless communication paradigm which can adapt its behavior to make optimal use of the available radio spectrum in a changing

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