Joint Lab CNIT – Port Network Authority of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea

The lab operates on a standard cloud architecture for ICT services offered to the port communities. In this framework, it cooperates with the authority to gather application-layer requirements from final users; it Integrates added-value services which are then offered to final users; it extends the scope of the services provided by the Port Authority to the landside (i.e. city of Livorno city and related corridors) and through the sea.

The lab experiments cutting-edge technologies, such as 5G, Connected Vessel, Cooperative ITS, IoT, Blockchain in the remarkable testbed of the Port of Livorno, also exploiting many projects funded at national and EU levels.

Laboratory building: Porto di Livorno – Magazzino ex Tabacchi, Via Pisa, 3 – 57123 Livorno – Italy

Director: Dr. Paolo Pagano


Contacts: E-mail: paolo.pagano[AT], Phone: +39 0586 249602