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12 Ottobre 2018|Notizie, Riconoscimenti

Ricercatori del CNIT all’avanguardia nel settore della ricerca su Graphene Photonics hanno pubblicato sulla rivista Nature Reviews un lavoro di review e di roadmap per questa tecnologia dal titolo “Graphene-based integrated photonics for next-generation datacom and telecom”.

Abstract: “Graphene is an ideal material for optoelectronic applications. Its photonic properties give several advantages and complementarities over Si photonics. For example, graphene enables both electro-absorption and electro-refraction modulation with an electro-optical index change exceeding 10−3. It can be used for optical add–drop multiplexing with voltage control, eliminating the current dissipation used for the thermal detuning of microresonators, and for thermoelectric-based ultrafast optical detectors that generate a voltage without transimpedance amplifiers. Here, we present our vision for graphene-based integrated photonics. We review graphene-based transceivers and compare them with existing technologies. Strategies for improving power consumption, manufacturability and wafer-scale integration are addressed. We outline a roadmap of the technological requirements to meet the demands of the datacom and telecom markets. We show that graphene-based integrated photonics could enable ultrahigh spatial bandwidth density, low power consumption for board connectivity and connectivity between data centres, access networks and metropolitan, core, regional and long-haul optical communications.”

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