NFV/SDN/5G technologies: CNIT team wins a challenge of the H2020 SoftFIRE project

17 March 2018|Awards, News, Projects

The CNIT/Roma Tor Vergata team led by Prof. Stefano Salsano has been awarded the first prize (40K€) in the “Interworking” stream or the SoftFIRE challenge (

The final evaluation of the competing teams took place during the 3rd Fed4FIRE+ Engineering Conference in Paris on March 15th.

The work concerns the deployment of arbitrary overlay topologies over multiple testbeds and the Service Function Chaining using SRv6 (IPv6 Segment Routing): “TIE-SR: Testbeds IntErconnections with L2 overlays – SRv6 for SFC” (see slides:

The team was composed by Pier Luigi Ventre, Paolo Lungaroni, Francesco Lombardo, Claudio Pisa from the CNIT research unit of Roma Tor Vergata, Ahmed Abdelsalam (GSSI, Italy), Mohammad Mahdi Tajiki (Univ. of Tarbiat Modares, Iran/CNIT).

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