National Laboratory of Smart and Secure Networks (S2N)

The S2N National Laboratory even though recently created (2016), builds upon numerous research topics and activities that have been present for a long time within the CNIT Research Unit (RU) at the University of Genoa. Specifically, it deals with

  • Flexible and programmable networks, along the paradigms of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
  • Integration between access networks and cloud/fog computing infrastructures
  • Network energy efficiency in legacy and new generation architectures
  • Dynamic allocation of fixed and mobile resources in 5G networks
  • High-throughput (Tbit/s) satellite networks and pervasive satellite networks (nano-satellites)
  • Network and host cybersecurity
  • Advanced signal processing techniques for multimedia devices, systems and applications with high processing and cognitive capacity
  • Virtualization and remote control of heterogeneous instrumentation infrastructures
  • Sensor networks and the Internet of Things (IoT)

The S2N Lab possesses high-value instrumental resources for SDN and NFV, both in terms of hardware and software, high-speed switching systems (several hundred Gbits/s), numerous 40-Gbit/s network interfaces, systems for emulation of traffic flows and advanced network architectures, measurement instrumentation for the acquisition, processing and management of large data volumes. The infrastructure also includes a node of the FIWARE-Lab European cloud federation, in the framework of the European FICORE Consortium (FP7), with 448 cores, and about 1 TB RAM and 22 TB mass memory (

The available expertise and instrumental resources have been acquired during numerous years of research activity, with the participation in quite a few national and international projects. In the European projects’ framework (both FP7 and H2020), the staff of the Lab has conducted partnership (projects ARCADIA – H2020,, and FI-WARE – FP7,, as well as coordination activities (projects ECONET – FP7,, and INPUT – H2020,

Laboratory building: c/o DITEN-University of Genoa, Via All’Opera Pia 11a, 16145 Genoa

Director: Prof. Raffaele Bolla

Valorization Committee:

  • Michele Zorzi, UdR Padova
  • Luciano Tarricone, UdR Salento
  • Francesco De Natale, UdR Trento (contact person)


Contacts: E-mail: raffaele.bolla[AT]; Phone: +39 0103352075

Staff of the S2N Laboratory

Ardini Jacopo
Bono Paolo
Costa Cristina Emilia
Mangialardi Sergio 010335 2802
Martinelli Nicole Simone
Mohammadpour Alireza
Perugin Bernardi Sara 010335 6686
Qadir Junaid
Rapuzzi Riccardo 010335 2802
Vignola Stefano 010335 45151

Afferents to S2N Laboratory

Afshar Borji Shima dottorando
Bisio Igor ric. univ. 010353 2803
Bolla Raffaele prof. ordinario 010353 2075
Bruschi Roberto prof. associato 010335 2075
Cambiaso Enrico assegnista di ricerca 010647 5201
Depasquale Etienne Victor ricercatore
Di Febbraro Angela prof. ordinario 010353 2236
Patrone Fabio borsista 010353 2806
Rabbani Ramin dottorando
Raffetto Mirco prof. ordinario 010353 2796
Raggio Marco tecnico laureato 010353 2274
Siccardi Beatrice dottorando
Vernazza Gianni prof. ordinario 010353 2755
Zappatore Sandro prof. ass. 010353 45150