• The Shareholders’ Assembly is composed of representatives of each Member University.
  • The Director of the Consortium is elected by the Shareholders’ Assembly among its members. The Director is the legal representative of the Consortium, and directs and promotes the Consortium.
  • The President of the Consortium is appointed by the Shareholders’ Assembly. The President convokes and presides the Scientific Board. The President cooperates with the Director in acting as representative and promoter of the Consortium.
  • The Board of Directors is composed of the Director and four members elected by the partner’s meeting out of its members. The Board of Directors acts with deliberating power of decision delegated by the Shareholders’ Assembly within the limits set by the Shareholders’ Assembly itself. It prepares the budget and the final budget.
  • The Scientific Board is composed of the President of the Consortium, the Director and the heads of the Research Units of the Member Universities and of the Research Departments, and moreover the National Laboratory Directors of the Consortium. The Scientific Board is the scientific consultative organ of the Consortium.
  • The Board of Auditors conducts the audit of the Consortium’s management, administration and accounts.
  • The Central Administration of CNIT is in Parma and takes care of the administrative management of the Consortium assisted by personnel located in the laboratories and some Research Units.
  • The Research Units are organizations with the aim to coordinate and manage the development  of the Consortium research activities in the partner Universities or affiliated organizations.
  • The National Laboratories are CNIT resources available to all the Research Units, with the aim of developing very challenging research activities, both experimental and implementative as well as national and international.