National Laboratory of Advanced Optical Fibers for Photonics

The National Laboratory of Advanced Optical Fibers for Photonics (FIBERS) gives access to a living testbed for experiments in the area of optical communications. It relies on the unique fiber-optic infrastructure developed in the city of L’Aquila within project INCIPICT  ( This infrastructure includes two optical rings. The shorter ring of about 6 km is deployed in the urban underground multi-service tunnel and consists of about 100 km of three types of multi-core fibers for Space-Division Multiplexed (SDM) transmission: four-core coupled-core (about 70 km) and uncoupled-core (about 20 km) fibers for medium-to-long reach, and eight-core uncoupled-core fibers for short reach (about 10 km). The longer ring of about 20 km consists of about 200 km of multi-mode fibers for SDM able to support up to fifteen spatial modes, as well as of several thousands of single-mode fibers. The capacity of both rings can be further increased through the deployment of additional fibers.

The infrastructure of FIBERS Lab is the world-first installation of fibers for SDM transmission, one of the most promising approaches to scale the capacity of existing photonic networks. Its main mission is to support the experimentation of a wide range of schemes and technologies for fiber-optic transmission, including secure transmission based on classic and quantum cryptography, an active research area of increasing interest.

The experimental infrastructure includes a state-of-the-art photonics laboratory located in the rectorate’s building in the city center of L’Aquila.

Laboratory building: Università Degli Studi Dell’Aquila, Palazzo Camponeschi, Piazza Santa Margherita 2 – 67100  L’AQUILA

Director: Prof. Cristian Antonelli


Contacts: E-mail: cristian.antonelli[AT], Phone: +39 0862 43 3027