Telespazio Technology Contest: Voyager Award

22 November 2019|Awards, News

On Monday Nov. 18th 2019, at the Italian Space Agency headquarters in Rome, prizes were awarded to the winners of #T-TeC, the Telespazio Technology Contest, an initiative promoted by the company to enhance university research activities and to promote development and technological innovation 

Telespazio’s CEO, Luigi Pasquali, awarded the Voyager prize to the proposal “The Quantum Switch: enabling Noiseless Quantum communications for CyberSecurity Applications”, developed by a team from the University of Naples Federico II made up by Angela Sara CacciapuotiMarcello CaleffiVincenzo D’Ambrosio and Carlo Forestiere.

CNIT is involved within this proposal through Angela Sara Cacciapuoti and Marcello Caleffi, both members of the National Laboratory of Multimedia Communications in Naples.

The award confirms the interest of big industrial companies towards quantum communications, and CNIT is at the forefront of this exciting new research area.

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