57 Fellowships on the PhD Course of National interest on Space Science and Technology (39th cycle) at the University of Trento

19 June 2023|Jobs/Career, News

The 2023 call for application for 57  fellowships on the  PhD Course of National interest  on Space Science and Technology  (39th cycle)  ( https://www.unitn.it/phd-sst/ ) is open.

The call can be found at https://www.unitn.it/en/ateneo/107293/announcement-of-selection , and closes on July 6th.

University of Trento is coordinating the PhD course while  fellowships and the research activity are based on a nation wide network of 38 among University and Public Research Institutes. The list of the PhD topics and of the Institutions  where the research activity  will be performed is available on the 2023 call web page.  Other application details  can also  be found online

The coordinator of PhD Course on Space Science and Technology: Professor  Roberto Battiston

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