• Methods of integrating OT data from the ground, from the air and from the satellite with navigation technologies and ICT;
  • Development of advanced analysis techniques of historical series of satellite images in optical band aim to identify significant anomalies in the space-time domain;
  • Development of robust satellite techniques (RST) in optical band for the study and monitoring of the main natural, environmental and anthropic risks;
  • Development of multi-source and multi-platform satellite applications for the study of bio-optical parameters related to the quality of coastal marine waters;
  • Development of multi / hyper-spectral OT data analysis methodologies for the study of surface parameters of environmental interest (e.g. temperature, vegetation) and for Land-Use / Land Cover maps, and applications in urban and agricultural areas;
  • Development of algorithms for data fusion, edge detection, and pattern recognition for archaeological and paleoenvironmental studies for investigating the dynamics of anthropogenic environmental;
  • Integration of IR and MW satellite data to estimate precipitation, soil moisture, atmospheric profiling, etc. aim to optimize weather forecasting models;
  • Development and application of integrated OT data analysis techniques for the study and 4D characterization of the atmosphere;
  • Development of java applications for the optimization of interoperable geographical platforms. IPv6 implementations, IT security, virtualization environments.

Address: Zona Industriale Tito Scalo – 85050 TITO (PZ)

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Research Unit Responsible: Dr. Carla PIETRAPERTOSA


Members of the Research Unit

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