Polytechnic University of Marche


  • Millimeter-wave radio systems – Experimental characterization of the radio channel and evaluation of the effects on signals. Application of radar technologies to the structural monitoring and to the detection of physiological parameters.
  • Non-contact monitoring of physiological and behavioral parameters based on RGB-D signals.
  • Interconnection and interoperability among IoT systems through the IPv6 protocol. Wearable and non-wearable WSN systems for biomedical applications. Seismic and structural monitoring. Services based on Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth Beacon. Localization services for people, objects and vehicles. IoT systems for lighting control and color rendering optimization for cultural heritage. Li-Fi technology. Remote control services for home appliances based on Wi-Fi technology. Cloud services based on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. NB-IoT and LTE-M technology.
  • Information reliability and security: 1) channel coding; 2) code-based post-quantum cryptography; 3) physical layer security. As regards 1) collaborations with the European Space Agency, as regards 2, participation to the NIST selection for a novel post-quantum cryptography standard, with a proposal that is under evaluation of the second round of selection.

Address: Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione (DII), Via Brecce Bianche, 12 – 60131 ANCONA

Phone: +39 (0)71 220 4470 [071 220 + ext]

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Research Unit Responsible: Prof.ssa Paola PIERLEONI

University Representative in the Shareholders’ Assembly: Prof. Franco CHIARALUCE


Members of the Research Unit

Baldi Marco 4894
Bastianelli Luca 4459
Battaglioni Massimo 4128
Belli Alberto 4787
Burattini Laura 4461
Campanella Sara 4128
Chiaraluce Franco 4467
Ciattaglia Gianluca 4128
Colella Emanuel 4128
Conti Massimo 4460
De Leo Alfredo 4186
De Santis Adelmo 4889
Di Donato Andrea 4840
Esposito Marco 4128
Falaschetti Laura 4128
Farina Marco 4837
Gambi Ennio 4845
Gentili Andrea 4128
Ladarola Grazia 4102
Manoni Lorenzo 4128
Mariani Primiani Valter 4454
Moglie Franco 4445
Morettini Micaela 4895
Morini Antonio 4884
Palma Lorenzo 4128
Paoletti Michele 4128
Pierantoni Luca 4891
Pierleoni Paola 4847
Rafaiani Giulia 4128
Raggiunto Sara 4128
Riggio Roberto 4449
Russo Paola 4448
Sabbatini Luisiana 4128
Santini Paolo 4128
Senigagliesi Linda 4128
Spalazzi Luca 4829
Spinsante Susanna 4102