Polytechnic University of Torino

Expertise: The Politecnico di Torino Research Unit (RU) focuses on the following areas:

  • Optical communications
  • Microwave electronics
  • Networking and Internet
  • Signal Processing and navigation
  • Digital transmissions and information theory

As far as optical communications are concerned, the RU addresses the modeling and simulation of non-linear fiber propagation, digital signal processing for coherent optical systems and laboratory experiments based on a recirculating loop to mimic long-haul systems. It also investigates the design of opto-electronic solutions for short reach applications: passive optical networks (PON), 5G fixed-mobile convergence, data center interconnections. Finally, it studies the development of new algorithms for optical networks performance analysis based on cross-layer optimization.

The Microwave Electronics Group has a wide expertize in modelling and characterization of Microwave devices on compound semiconductor technologies (GaAs and GaN) and the microwave circuit design, with particular emphasis on high-efficiency power amplifiers, also embedded into fully integrated telecommunication front-ends. The Group owns a Microwave Laboratory, with on-wafer linear and nonlinear characterization facilities up to 40 GHz. Over the last few years it has participated to many funded research programs at the national level (PRIN, one ongoing), to european networks (TARGET, NEWCOM, NEWCOM++, NEWCOM#), SAR design projects for space agencies (ASI and ESA) and industrial projets (SIAE, Ericsson, Qorvo).

The RU has a strong expertise in performance evaluation, modelling and analysis applied to the areas of Networking and Internet. The main research topics attain to wireless networks (Ad hoc networks, Vehicular networks, Delay tolerant networks, Sensor networks) and cellular networks (4G/5G networks and related topics such as Mobile Edge Computing), Internet of Things, Energy efficient networks (Green Networks), traffic measurements and characterization, automatic identification of Internet security threats, optical networks, switching architectures and SDN.

On the topic of signal processing and navigation, the RU works on techniques for automated extraction of information from coded data for cloud computing applications, on lossy and lossless compression techniques and computational imaging based on compressive sensing, applied to videos and images, including multi- and iper-spectral images coming from satellites. Other activities pertain the precise positioning using mass-market receiver, and the development of algorithms for time scales, detection and characterization of atomic clock anomalies in GNSS navigation systems, such as GPS or Galileo.

As far as digital transmission topics are concerned, the RU studies space communication links for telemetry and telecommand of deep space and Earth observation space/satellite missions, satellite ranging techniques, and adaptive coded modulation for LEO satellites. The RU also develops iterative receiving techniques for 5G cellular systems, with a focus on interference cancellation o reduction, and low-budget receives for M2M communication and IoT.

Address: Dipartimento di Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni (DET), Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24 – 10129 TORINO

Phone: +39 011 090 000 [011 090 + ext]

Fax: +39 011 090 099


Research Unit Responsible: Prof. Roberto PROIETTI

Polytechnic Representative in the Shareholders’ Assembly: Prof. Claudio Ettore CASETTI


Members of the Research Unit

Ajmone Marsan Marco 011090 4032
Albertengo Guido 011090 4062
Avino Giuseppe 011090 4183
Bianchi Tiziano 011090 4070
Bianco Andrea 011090 4098
Bosco Gabriella 011090 4036
Camarchia Vittorio 011090 4219
Cappelluti Federica 011091 4165
Carena Andrea 011090 4174
Casetti Claudio 011090 4126
Chiasserini Carla F. 011090 4183
Ciorba Lorenzo 011090 5437
Curri Vittorio 011090 4178
Donati Guerrieri Simona 011090 4139
Dovis Fabio 011090 4175
Drago Idilio 011090 4127
Fagnani Fabio 011090 7509
Ferrero Valter 011090 4158
Galleani Lorenzo 011090 4186
Garello Roberto 011090 4106
Gaudino Roberto 011090 4172
Ghione Giovanni 011090 4064
Giaccone Paolo 011090 4180
Leonardi Emilio 011090 4133
Magli Enrico 011090 4195
Malinverno Marco 011090 4015
Masera Guido 011090 4102
Mellia Marco 011090 4173
Meo Michela 011090 4167
Mondin Marina 011090 4023
Montorsi Guido 011090 4144
Morichetta Andrea 011091 4249
Munafò Maurizio 011090 4128
Olmo Gabriella 011090 4094
Pirola Marco 011090 4101
Poggiolini Pierluigi 011090 4153
Raviglione Francesco 011090 7291
Riviello Daniel 011090 4106
Rizzelli Giuseppe 011090 4092
Rottondi Cristina 011090 4094
Sviridov German 011090 4180
Taricco Giorgio 011090 4084
Tobon Jorge 011227 6706
Torres Ferrera Pablo 011090 4172
Vassio Luca 011090 4173
Vecchi Giuseppe 011090 4055
Vernì Francesco 011090 4055
Vipiana Francesca 011090 4159
Zucchi Marcello 011090 4055