University of Florence

Expertise: The CNIT-Florence Research Unit of the National Interuniversity Consortium on Telecommunications is located in the Department of Information Engineering (DINFO) of University of Florence. Its main research areas are: Satellite and Terrestrial Communication Systems, Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Radio, Security & Privacy, Multimedia & Digital Signal Processing. Cooperation links have been established with: Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), Oulu, FI; IBM Research Centre, Zurich, CH; Aalborg University, DK; DLR Institute of Communications and Navigation, DE; IMSC Integrated Media System Centre USC, CA (USA); Bradford University, UK. CNIT-Florence has been active in a number of projects in satellite communications, in areas ranging from transmission techniques to networking, which not only have produced a number of publications in highly recognized international journals, but has also implemented an advanced telecommunications infrastructure and a great deal of experimental activity.

CNIT- Florence has been involved in several European and national projects that have been partially or totally funded by the Ministry of University and Research, the National Research Council, the European Commission, the Italian Space Agency (ASI) the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Defence Agency (EDA). The industrial partners that have recently cooperated with CNIT Florence are Leonardo, H3G, Wind, Thales Italia, Thales-Alenia Space Italia. CNIT- Florence research group has been involved in several COST Actions, namely, COST 227, COST 252, COST 262, COST 272, COST 273, COST 289.

CNIT – Florence has been involved as Prime Contractor in various ESA Projects from 2003 to 2013 for innovative remote sensing methods of the Earth’s atmosphere. The CNIT staff has also an international leadership in the field of radar remote sensing with advanced radar signal processing, radar imaging, polarimetry and passive radar and a long experience of research in the field of Optimization, Operations Research, Simulation and Decision Support Systems in projects funded by the EU CLEANSKY framework.


DINFO – Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione

Address: Via di S. Marta, 3 – 50139 FIRENZE

Phone: 055 275 [+ext]

Fax: 055 2758570


MICC – Centro di Eccellenza per la Comunicazione e l’Integrazione dei Media

Address: Viale Morgagni, 65 – 50134 FIRENZE

Phone: 055 2751391 [055 275+ext]

Fax: 055 2751396


VoIP Phone: 055275 + ext

Research Unit Responsible: Prof. Luciano ALPARONE

University Representative in the Shareholders’ Assembly: Prof. Luca FACHERIS


Members of the Research Unit

Adreani Lorenzo 8517
Alparone Luciano 8614
Argenti Fabrizio 8605
Baracchi Daniele 8554
Bellini Pierfrancesco 8517
Bertini Marco 8645/1394
Bilotta Stefano 8517
Bologna Daniele 8517
Botarelli Tommaso
Caldelli Roberto 1391
Capannesi Luca 8596
Cappanera Paola 8640
Chiti Francesco 8588
Collini Enrico 8517
Dolfi Marco 8563
Fabbri Gabriele 8537
Facheris Luca 8611
Fanfani Marco 8516
Fantacci Romano 8621
Freni Angelo 8612
Ipsaro Palesi Luciano Alessandro 8516
Iuliani Massimo 8553
Marabissi Dania 8589
Marulli Matteo 8516
Mazzinghi Agnese 8557
Mitolo Nicola 8517
Morosi Simone 8547
Mucchi Lorenzo 8539
Nesi Paolo 8515
Pala Pietro 8530
Panconi Christian 8515
Pantaleo Gianni 8517
Picano Benedetta 8587
Picchi Roberto 8547
Pierucci Laura 8626
Piva Alessandro 8584
Raffaelli Claudia 8516
Scandiffio Francesco 8516
Seidenari Lorenzo 1395
Shullani Dasara 8554
Sorci Silvia 8555