University of L’Aquila

Expertise: the UdR of L’Aquila is active in six main research tracks.

  • Wireless technologies and systems

Long lasting competences in this area are related to cooperative communications, network coding and distributed space modulations; interference modelling and radio resource management in 4G and 5G (currently in the standardization phase); sounding and modelling of wireless channels; signal processing for digital transparent transponders.

Recently tackled research problems are channel sounding and modelling for mmW; MAC protocols and relaying for mmW in the 5G perspective; modelling and management of interference in heterogeneous networks; green networks and energy neutral networks for IoT.

  • Networked embedded and control systems

Well consolidated competences in this field are related to cross-layer modelling and design for wireless sensor networks (WSN); distributed control architectures over wireless networks and control-communication co-design; Radio-Frequency Identification systems; security management in WSN; distributed localization and tracking.

Recently faced research problems are formal verification, fault detection and security in cooperating and safety-constrained cyber-physical systems; energy-aware and battery aging-aware protocols for IoT. This area is particularly interesting within the 5G pre-commercial trials in the city of L’Aquila, with special emphasis on the ultra-reliable low-latency communications 5G arena.

  • TLC Networks

The UdR of L’Aquila has achieved significant and industry-driven research results on troubleshooting, management and dynamical modelling for core networks of telecom operators; perfomance management of IP services through QoE; efficient routing and Android-based experimental setups in ad-hoc and wireless mesh networks.

More recent research lines are oriented towards Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV); Cloud-based RAN architectures in 5G; Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks for Intelligent Transportation Systems.

  • Photonic Networks

The UdR of L’Aquila in this are has been active for long time on space-division multiplexed transmission over multi-mode and multi-core fibers; modelling of linear and nonlinear propagation effects; semiconductor optical amplifiers; modelling for local area applications and for phase-sensitive amplification.

More recently the UdR has been investigating on coherent communications with intensity detection for short reach; nonlinear capacity limits for space-division multiplexed systems.

  • Emdebbed HW/SW technologies

The UdR of L’Aquila has achieved consolidated research results on scalable architectures in software defined radio (SDR); embedded and distributed operating systems; middleware architectures for security and distributed processing in WSN.

More recent research lines are concerned with embedded real-time systems with many-core and multi-core architectures; Service Oriented Middleware (SOM) architectures; efficient implementation of digital transparent processors.

  • Application domains

The UdR has developed interesting solutions for Ambient assisted living; environmental monitoring; structural health monitoring of buildings; industrial automation.

Recently, in the context of complete reconstruction of the large middle age downtown of the City of L’Aquila, the UdR has been developing advanced solutions for ICT-supported Cultural heritage; Intelligent Transportation Systems and Logistics; Building energy management and smart cities. All these themes are related to use cases of the 5G pre-commercial trials in the city of L’Aquila, that is supported by the Italian Ministry of the Economic Development.

Address: Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e dell’Informazione, Via G. Gronchi, 18, Nucleo Industriale di Pile – 67100 L’AQUILA

Phone: +39 0862 43 4402 [0862 43 + ext]

Fax: +39 0862 43 4403

Research Unit Responsible: Prof. Fortunato SANTUCCI

University Representative in the Shareholders’ Assembly: Prof. Fabio GRAZIOSI


Members of the Research Unit

Alesi Roberto
Angelucci Simone
Antonelli Cristian
Antonini Giulio 462
Battisti Graziano 764
Cassioli Dajana 452
Cinque Elena
Colarieti Andrea
De Marcellis Andrea 480
Di Benedetto Marika
Di Carlofelice Alessandro 412
Di Giampaolo Emidio 406
Di Girolamo Giovanni Domenico
Di Marco Piergiuseppe
Di Patrizio Stanchieri Guido 424
D’Innocenzo Alessandro 403
Faccio Marco
Federici Fabio
Fiore Gabriella
Franchi Fabio 345
Graziosi Fabio
Piccioni Alex
Pratesi Marco
Rinaldi Claudia
Santic Marco
Santucci Fortunato
Sulli Vincenzo
Tiberti Walter
Tognolatti Piero 401
Valente Giacomo
Valentini Roberto
Zacchialun Yuriy