University of Padova

Expertise: The Padova research unit has a solid experience in the fields of telecommunications, optical and quantum communications, multimedia and video and image digital signal processing. The research activity is currently focused on next-generation cellular systems (5G and beyond), Internet of Things (IoT), security in communications and satellite localization, secure communications by quantum key distribution, in particular on free-space channels and in the Space. The members of the research unit has an important visibility in the international scientific community and take part to European projects, International training networks (e.g. Scavenge), Marie Curie Initiative (e.g. SWAP) and excellence networks (Newcom, Newcom++). Moreover, the Unit collaborates since a long time with various Italian and international universities, among which: University of California San Diego (UCSD), New York University (NYU), Technische Universitat Dresden, CTTC Barcelona,  Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, King’s College of London. The Padova unit has led various research projects with both industries and international research institutions (among others, INTEL, Nokia-Bell Labs, European Space Agency, Samsung, Huawei, RAI, S. Anna – TeCIP).

Address: Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione, Via G. Gradenigo, 6/B – 35131 PADOVA

Phone:  +39 (0)49 827 7600

Fax: +39 (0)49 827 7699

Research Unit Responsible: Prof. Antonio Daniele CAPOBIANCO

University Representative in the Shareholders’ Assembly: Prof. Stefano TOMASIN


Members of the Research Unit

Ardizzon Francesco
Badia Leonardo
Battisti Federica
Bazzan Marco
Benvenuto Nevio
Bertocco Matteo
Bevilacqua Andrea
Brighente Alessandro
Calvagno Giancarlo
Capobianco Antonio Daniele
Corvaja Roberto
Erseghe Tomaso
Galtarossa Andrea
Gerosa Andrea
Giorgi Giada
Laurenti Nicola
Magarotto Mirko
Milani Simone
Narduzzi Claudio
Neviani Andrea
Palmieri Luca
Romanato Filippo
Rossi Michele
Santagiustina Marco
Signorato Silvia
Sona Alessandro
Tomasin Stefano
Vallone Giuseppe
Vangelista Lorenzo
Villoresi Paolo
Vogrig Daniele
Zanella Andrea
Zanuttigh Pietro
Zorzi Michele