University of Palermo

Expertise: The research unit in Palermo has gathered key skills regarding radio technologies for the definition of new protocols for accessing the shared medium and for large-scale experimentation through European testbeds. The research unit in Palermo has know-how, projects, prototypes and datasets as follows, spreading over scientific, technologic and applicative features.

  • Software-defined networks with specific abstractions for wireless networks using the Wireless MAC Processor (one US patent, one H2020 ongoing project – WiSHFUL);
  • Platform for testing new MAC solutions using programmable device (USRP/WARP) and commercial ones (Broadcom B43). This is available to experimenters that want to work remotely using UPIs (Unified Program Interfaces);
  • 5G networks (on H2020 project – FLEX5GWARE);
  • Computer vision-based technologies for disabilities and for blind and visually impaired (1 patent, one academic spinoff, one prototype of navigation system);
  • IoT applications for smart grids (1 national project – i-Next);
  • Indoor location and tracking using Wi-Fi signals and inertial sensors. Security and data access control (secure multiparty computation, handling health data, information-centric security);
  • Data analysis and models for e-commerce and logistics;
  • Image registering for nuclear magnetic resonance;
  • Channel coding, fountain coding and software-defined receivers.

Address: Department of Engineering, Viale delle Scienze, building 9 – 90128 PALERMO

Phone:  +39 (0)91 238 60269 [root+ext]

Fax: N/A

Research Unit Responsible: Prof. Stefano MANGIONE

University Representative in the Shareholders’ Assembly: Prof.ssa Ilenia TINNIRELLO


Members of the Research Unit

Busacca Alessandro 60271
Garbo Giovanni 60247
Giaconia Giuseppe Costantino 60257
Mangione Stefano 60269
Pagano Antonino 60273
Restuccia Gabriele 60273