University of Parma

Expertise: The Research Unit of Parma has a strong expertise in the fields of: wireless and optical communication systems, communication and sensor networks, mobile computing, parallel and distributed computing, processing of audio and video signals for biomedical applications, optical components, optical amplifier and laser, and biophotonics. These activities are carried out in the following laboratories: DSG (, GAEM (, IoTLab (, MultimediaLab (, OptikLab (, SPADiCLab (

The main application scenarios are represented by cellular systems (4G and 5G), satellite communication systems, optical communication systems over fiber, radio communication systems over fiber, Internet of Things, localization and tracking systems, biophysiological and inertial signal processing systems, optical transport networking, ad-hoc, vehicular and sensor networks, distributed systems, distribution and streaming techniques for multimedia contents, cloud technologies, peer-to-peer architectures, biosensors in fiber for DNA recognition, laser applications and design of speciality fibers.

Address: Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione, Viale G.P. Usberti, 181/A – 43124 PARMA

Phone: +39 (0)521 90 5799/800 [0521 90+ext]

Fax: +39 (0)521 90 5758

Research Unit Responsible: Prof. Gianluigi FERRARI

University Representative in the Shareholders’ Assembly: Prof. Riccardo RAHELI


Members of the Research Unit

Amoretti Michele 5390
Belli Laura 5741
Bertozzi Massimo 5845
Bononi Alberto 5760
Cagnoni Stefano 5731
Colavolpe Giulio 5744
Cucinotta Annamaria 5765
Davoli Luca 5741
Ferrari Gianluigi 6513
Foggi Tommaso 5802
Guarino Lo Bianco Corrado 5752
Lasagni Chiara 5742
Mattioli Veronica 5378
Mckee Seyyedhossein
Mirbadin Anoush
Mordonini Monica 5735
Pagliari Emanuele
Poli Federica
Poggi Agostino 5728
Raheli Riccardo 5761
Selleri Stefano 5763
Serena Paolo 5750
Ugolini Alessandro 5754
Vannucci Armando 5743
Veltri Luca 5768
Zanichelli Francesco 5710