University of Pavia

Expertise: The competences of the research groups composing the CNIT research unit et the University of Pavia cover aspects such as transmission over heterogeneous networks, processing of signals and data, networks of sensors, multisensory and hyperspectral data analysis for remote sensing applications, data analytics and data fusion. For what the Telecommunications section is concerned, strong competences have been acquired in the design of rx/tx devices for wireless networks, coding and modulation techniques for high capacity links, analysis of MIMO systems, and in the optimization of video over heterogeneous networks. The Remote Sensing section, has achieved worldwide recognition as a reference group in hyperspectral data analysis, monitoring of urban areas and risk assessment and management. The studies are characterized by a strong aim towards implementation aspects, mostly in the development of radio receivers, monitoring of agricultural areas and intrabody networks with development of prototypes. These competences have been exploited also in a number of cooperations with industries and research projects.

Address: Dipartimento di Elettronica, Via Ferrata, 1 – 27100 PAVIA

Phone:  +39 (0)382 98 5200 [0382 98 + ext]

Fax: +39 (0)382 422583

Research Unit Responsible: Prof. Pietro SAVAZZI

University Representative in the Shareholders’ Assembly: Prof. Lorenzo FAVALLI


Members of the Research Unit

Annovazzi Lodi Valerio 596
Bajoni Daniele 811
Bonizzoni Edoardo 369
Bozzi Maurizio 782/223
Castello Rinaldo 213
Cristiani Ilaria 221
Dell’Acqua Fabio 923
Di Meo Simona
Favalli Lorenzo 779
Gamba Paolo E. 781
Giuliani Guido 224/586
Grassi Marco 226
Lacava Cosimo 221
Malcovati Piero 256
Manstretta Danilo 943
Mazzanti Andrea 203
Minzioni Paolo 221
Pasian Marco 223
Perregrini Luca 780/223
Ratti Lodovico 222
Savazzi Pietro 942
Vizziello Anna 923
Vacchi Carla 216