University of Perugia

Expertise: The University of Perugia Research Unit (RU) focuses on the following areas:

  • Electronics
  • Microwaves
  • Networking and Internet
  • Signal Processing
  • Digital transmissions

The Electronics group has a wide expertise in the design of sensors and systems for IoT and green electronics. The group also works on interfacing sensors through programmable logic and microcontrollers, in the design of integrated digital circuits and systems, FPGAs, embedded systems, and lab-on-chips (LoC).

The Microwaves group has a sounding expertise in the design of antennas for the Ku-K band to be used in small satellites (cubesats), and in the application of additive manufacturing to the design and realization of microwave components. Finally, they have recently developed skills in the design and characterization of highly efficient wireless power transfer systems.

The Networking group has a strong expertise in the design and implementation of signaling protocols for NFV/SDN solutions in data centers and 5G, big data analytics applied to networking, overlay and cloud systems for content distribution, network management and biomedical applications (genomics). They are also active in the novel field of molecular communications.

The Signal Processing group focuses on physical layer techniques for 5G systems, signal processing on graphs, distributed spectrum sensing and cognitive radio.

About Digital Transmissions, the RU has significant experience on compression and distribution of video contents over wireless networks, on design and implementation of Software Radio systems, and on reception algorithms for digital video broadcasting systems.

Address: Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettronica e dell’Informazione, Via M. Duranti, 93 – 06125 PERUGIA

Phone:+39 075 5853 653 [075 5853+ext]

Fax:+39 075 5853 654

Research Unit Responsible: Prof. Cristiano TOMASSONI

University Representative in the Shareholders’ Assembly: Prof. Mauro FEMMINELLA


Members of the Research Unit

Alimenti Federico 642
Banelli Paolo 626
Bartoccini Umberto 405
Baruffa Giuseppe 627
Bonafoni Stefania 663
Carbone Paolo 629
Dionigi Marco 670
Femminella Mauro 630
Frescura Fabrizio 650
Mezzanotte Paolo 664
Moschitta Antonio 933
Nunzi Emilia 634/640
Perfetti Renzo 631
Reali Gianluca 651
Rugini Luca 932
Tomassoni Cristiano 662
Vincenti Gatti Roberto 671