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  • Distributed statistical inference: sensor networks; inferential techniques on graphs; models and algorithms for adaptability and learning; decision techniques for big data.
  • Cybersecurity in telecommunications networks: stochastic models of distributed attacks and design of countermeasures; algorithms for the detection of distributed attacks.
  • Remote sensing: fusion of images from multiple sensors; fusion in the visible (pansharpening); development of fusion algorithms.
  • Reliability of complex systems: classical and Bayesian inferential techniques for degradable technological units; life time estimation and reliability assessment; Markovian and non processes; stochastic reward nets.
  • Detection of gravitational waves: mathematical signal and noise models; time-frequency detection; detection in “near real time”.

Electromagnetic Fields 

  • Application of non-redundant representations of the Electromagnetic Fields for theoretical development and experimental validation of near-field to far-field (NF-FF) transformation techniques with classical non-redundant and innovative scans. These ones have considerable interest from the industrial application point of view. In fact, the non-redundant representations of the Electromagnetic Fields allow a drastic reduction of the time required for the experimental characterization of antennas both reducing the number of measurements in classical scans and using innovative non-redundant scanning techniques (planar, spiral spherical and helicoidal).
  • Theoretical and experimental validation techniques for the compensation of probe positioning errors during the antenna measurements.
  • EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests carried out in accordance with most of the current regulations concerning emissions and susceptibility.


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Research Unit Responsible: Prof. Vincenzo MATTA

University Representative in the Shareholders’ Assembly: Prof. Flaminio FERRARA


Members of the Research Unit

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