University of Siena

Expertise: Research activities of the Siena Research Unit are relevant to the following areas: Optimization of next generation wireless cellular networks integrating ad-hoc and multi-hop Communications; Visual information processing and multimedia security, with a particular emphasis on the protection and authentication of visual information; Wireless communications, sensor networks and VoIP systems; Remote Sensing Image Processing; Satellite Systems and Mobile Networks for Telecommunications; Deep Learning and its applications to Signal and Image Processing for Intelligent Transportation Systems, medical diagnosis, and SMART Cities; EM Modeling and simulation of innovative antenna and/or Microwave systems; Metamaterial and metasurfaces development, analysis and design with applications to space antennas; Analysis and design of radio frequency circuit and systems with with applications to wireless network sensors devices and IoT.

Address: Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’informazione e scienze matematiche, Via Roma, 56 – 53100 SIENA

Phone:  +39 (0)577 23 3601  [0577 23 4850 + ext]

Fax: +39 0577 233 602

Research Unit Responsible: Prof. Giovanni GIAMBENE

University Representative in the Shareholders’ Assembly: Prof. Andrea GARZELLI

Members of the Research Unit

Abrardo Andrea 0577234850 1002
Andreadis Alessandro 0577234850 1001
Barni Mauro 0577234850 1005
Benelli Giuliano 0577234850 1006
Garzelli Andrea 0577234850 79
Giambene Giovanni 0577234850 1016
Maci Stefano 0577234850 1035
Malvezzi Monica 0577234850 1048
Mecocci Alessandro 0577234850 1032
Mugnaini Marco 3804399 101
Palmucci Silvia
Pozzebon Alessandro 05772337 02
Pozzi Maria 0577234850 1081
Pratticchizzo Domenico 329260 6659
Rossi Davide 0577234850 1040
Spagnoletti Giovanni 0577234850 1081
Tamang Dinesh
Toccafondi Alberto 0577234850 1026
Tondi Benedetta