University of Trieste


  • 802.11x multi-packet distributed networks using multi-antenna systems. Application of stochastic geometry to asymmetric peer-to-peer wireless networks. Millimeter-wave communication in 5G systems. Non-orthogonal multiple access for satellite and 5G networks. Ranging techniques in cellular systems. Quality of service in WiFi networks: adaptive retransmission for audio/video services. Development of hybrid discrete-time discrete-event network simulators (Matlab-ns2, Octave-ns2).
  • Algorithms for the synthesis of the radiation pattern for conformal arrays of antennas in presence of multiple requirements: far and near electric field, dynamic range ratio of the excitations, control of the polarization, minimization of the power on the side lobes. Geometrical synthesis of sparse arrays with arbitrary geometry. Electronic beam scanning and reconfigurable arrays. Antenna arrays for satellite applications. Fractal antennas. Interaction between electromagnetic fields and relativistic electrons, linear accelerators and FEL (Free Electron Lasers).
  • Communication reliability: development of efficient coding techniques (turbo-like, LDPC) and mathematical tools for the design capacity-approaching codes. Security of communications: di Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) protocols based on classic error correcting codes.
  • Methods for the solution of complex optimization problems, and artificial intelligence.

Address: Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Architettura (DIA), Via A. Valerio, 10 – 34127 TRIESTE

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Research Unit Responsible: Prof.ssa Giulia Buttazzoni

University Representative in the Shareholders’ Assembly: Prof. Fulvio BABICH


Members of the Research Unit

Babich Fulvio 040558 7146
Boschian Valentina 040558 7134
Buqi Raoul 3279263 531
Buttazzoni Giulia 040558 3459
Camilotti Luca 347962 595
Carciotti Sara
Cefalo Raffaella 040558 3585
Cipriano Margherita 3460115 452
Comisso Massimiliano 040558 3412
Cuttin Alessandro 040558 3459
Cuzzocrea Alfredo 040558 3419
Di Pierro Beatrice
Ferrari Paolo 3406228 366
Fiume Giambattista
Gelmini Chiara
Gobbesso Giorgia
Iacobellis Giorgio
Locatelli Alberto 3384191 556
Mininel Stefano 040558 3222
Mumolo Enzo 040558 3861
Nolich Massimiliano 349062 1672
Rinaldi Alessandro
Silvestri Bartolomeo
Stecco Gabriella 040558 7134
Ukovich Walter 3358028 79
Vatta Francesca 040558 3455