Institute for Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies “Enrico Magenes” (IMATI-CNR)

Expertise: The CNIT Research Unit of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies of the National Research Council of Italy is focused on exploiting the rich set of features characterizing future network architectures, with emphasis on the design of novel vertical applications. The main research interests of the Research Unit are: techniques for modeling complex systems; data and mathematical models for analyzing and processing information via edge/fog architectures; security aspects of virtualized frameworks and techniques to face information-hiding-capable threats; Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence for data processing.

Address: Area della Ricerca di Genova, Via de Marini 6, 16149, GENOVA

Phone: +39 010 6475671 [010 6475 + ext]

Fax:   +39 010 6475660

Research Unit Responsible: Dr. Luca CAVIGLIONE


Members of the Research Unit

Surname Name Ext
Caviglione Luca
Galizia Antonella 562
Pizzi Corrado 670
Ranieri Andrea
Repetto Matteo 668
Zuppelli Marco