CNIT Research Unit
Dip. Ing. Informazione – University of Pisa

CNIT Principal Investigator: Ing. Davide Adami



CNIT, in collaboration with Natech Srl, MBIGroup, Qinova, and with the financial support of POR Creo FESR Regione Toscana Azione 1.1.5, is participating in an ambitious research and development project, called ULTRADEFENDER, aimed at enabling new potential developments in smart agriculture, also through the adoption of a fog and cloud computing platform.

The main goal of ULTRADEFENDER is the design, development and testing of an intelligent system for the protection of agricultural areas from wildlife attacks. Natech srl, in fact, is a company specialized in the production of ultrasound devices for repelling of ungulates.

Specific objectives of the project are the following:

  • make every sub-component of the system modular, programmable and self-configurable;
  • identify and classify wildlife in real time and repel it by generating specific ultrasound signals for each animal species;
  • adopt “machine learning” and “soft computing” techniques for the implementation of fast, efficient and automatic decision-making processes to support the identification, classification and repelling of wildlife;
  • experiment with wireless and satellite connectivity solutions to connect agricultural areas to be protected with the Fog /Cloud infrastructure.