The SCOUT EU project leaded by RaSS Lab-CNIT has been selected by CORDIS-EU

4 September 2018|News, Projects

The community research and development information service (CORDIS-EU) has selected SCOUT as a promising and impactful EU-funded project . CORDIS has consequentially produced a dissemination article after an interview with the project coordinators and it is now available online in six languages at

The SCOUT (Multitech security system for interconnected space control ground stations) project has focused on the use of multiple innovative and low impact technologies for the protection of space control ground stations and satellite links against physical and cyber-attacks. The SCOUT project has been funded by the EC under the 7th framework programme for research and technological development.

SCOUT has been carried out by a consortium of nine partners involving six nations and was led by the RaSS Lab of CNIT. The SCOUT system’s capabilities and performance were tested during the second half of the 2017 at the Spatial Geodesy Centre of the Italian Space Agency (ASI CGS) with success highlighting its effectiveness in matters of critical infrastructure protection.

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