NEXT GENERATION INTERNET AND 5G: CNIT awarded at the 3RD FED4FIRE+ ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE IN PARIS for the best demo of an innovative prototype for 5G services

5 November 2018|Awards, News, Projects

In the picture standing from the left: Barbara Martini, Molka Gharboui, Chiara Contoli, Federica Paganelli.
In the picture sitting from the left: Gianluca Davoli, Walter Cerroni

CNIT has been awared at the 3rd FED4FIRE+ ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE held in Paris ( for the “Best Demo” of an  innovative prototype developed in the project “Latency-aware and self-Adaptive Service cHaining in reliable 5G/SDN/NFV infrastractures (LASH5G)” coordinated by Barbara Martinifrom the National Laboratory of Photonic Networks and Technologies – Pisa. LASH-5G has been funded under the “1st Fed4FIRE+ Competitive Call – Innovative Experiments” launched by the EU H2020 Fed4FIRE+ project ( to perform experiments on the flexible and reliable provision of 5G services and applications (e.g., connected cars, industry 4.0).  In fact, 5G services will demand more stringent requiremens in terms of latency and will have to promptly adapt to dynamic context of users, resources and services. The LASH-5G demo showed an innovative solution to provision chains of services dynamically selected to minimize the end-to-end latency (both network and processing latency) as required by 5G applications (e.g., connected cars, industry 4.0).  Moreover, the demonstrated prototype is able to adapt the services based on the context in order to preserve the proper quality of user experience as well as to adapt network paths based on the traffic load of services in order to assure service reliability.  LASH-5G experiment has been carried out with the collaboration of researchers from 3 different CNIT units: National Laboratory of Photonic Networks and Technologies in Pisa (B. Martini e G. Gharbaoui), RU Univ. of Bologna (W. Cerroni, C. Contoli, G. Davoli) and RU Univ. of Florence (F. Paganelli, P.Cappanera, G. Cuffaro).


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