PNTLab: Open Position – Researcher (Level IV – 24 months)

31 January 2019|News

Quantum Communications, and Quantum Technologies in general, are a rapidly expanding and exciting research field were Photonics and Integrated Photonics are playing a key role. CNIT PNTLab has a cutting-edge expertise in Photonics and Integrated Photonics and is expanding the group involved in research in Quantum Communications also thanks to increasing involvement in National and European Projects in the field (Quantum Flagship).

Position  description

The candidate will work on practical implementation of photonic system and subsystems in the field of quantum communications, networking and computing. Research activities will include theoretical aspects as well as a system approach considering both continuous and discrete variable approaches. The study of new materials, hardware or processes for designing or making new integrated photonic devices or develop new methods related to Quantum Communications for terrestrial and space applications and Quantum processing on chip is also of interest.

Laboratory demonstrations will include innovative integrated devices and optical fibers.

The applicant is expected to hold a relevant PhD, preferably on Quantum Communications, from an Electrical and Computer Engineering / Telecom / Physics school with excellent publication track record. The candidate is expected to contribute to technical and scientific communication of his laboratory work by publishing articles and participating in thematic national or international conferences, as well as being capable of working closely with collaborators, both in theory and experiment.

The successful candidate will work on ongoing projects but must also be able to create new collaboration initiatives and project proposals in the same field.

Proficiency in spoken and written English is mandatory.


Deadline for candidature reception: February 20, 2019

Beginning of the work: April 1, 2019

Location: Pisa, CNIT Photonic Networks and Technologies Laboratory – Italy

Send candidature to:


The Photonic Networks & Technologies Nat’l Lab (PNTLab) by CNIT is the reference laboratory in Italy for research and innovation transfer of photonics applied to ICT and sensing. With its 30 research and technical CNIT personnel and 50 affiliated university professors and researchers, mostly from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, it represents the largest fully structured group in photonic networks and technologies operating in the Italian academics.

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