Autonomous navigation and digital port: CNIT leading the experimentation

4 April 2023|CNIT Events, News, Projects

As part of the “5GMASS” project – funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) and implemented by TIM, CNIT, FlySight, Cetena and Grimaldi, the conference was held on 30/03/23 at the Palazzo hotel in Livorno in which the next experimentation activities were presented. «The port of Livorno – explained the Head of the CNIT laboratory at the port, Paolo Pagano – has a unique background in the international context which consists in the application of the IoT and 5G to logistic processes and land operations. Today this knowledge is exploited to support the digital systems used for “autonomous navigation”; he also commented around the national collaboration between Tim and Ericsson  that is building a solid ecosystem, thus today allowing ports to maximize the potential of the fifth generation of mobile networks”.

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