Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection (IRPI-CNR)

Expertise: The mission of CNR-IRPI is to design and execute scientific research and technological development in the fields of natural hazards, environmental protection, and the sustainable use of geo-resources. IRPI carries out its mission by operating at different geographical and temporal scales, with aim to define tolls and methods to forecast and prevent catastrophic events sand mitigate the related risks.

IRPI lines include, but are not limited to:

  1. the development of knowledge and technologies, services and innovative products useful for the definition, forecasting and mitigation of natural risks, land planning, effective and sustainable management of the geo-environmental resources;
  2. the design implementation and management of monitoring systems also providing technical-scientific consulting, mainly, but not exclusively, for civil protection and other public administrations;
  3. development of innovative sensors based on optical fiber technologies, ITC and web-based systems applied to emergency management for civil protection purpose, environmental and geotechnical monitoring and control;
  4. outreach activaties, including training and dissemination, on natural hazards and their consequences.

The unit offers a multidisciplinary expertise in the fields of geotechnics, geomorphology, geoinformatics, environmental engineering and monitoring. The processing of satellite images, implementation of numerical models and the development of innovative sensors based on fiber optics are just some of the many examples on which the group is active in the monitoring of slopes and unstable structures. Among the services that the group provides there are the monitoring of geological risk phenomena, with the purpose of early warning and alarm, the implementation of numerical models to describe their evolution, in both short and long term, and the design of countermeasure-works for mitigation.


Perugia (Headquarters)

Address: via Madonna Alta, 126 – 06128 Perugia

Phone: +39 075 5014 411

Fax: +39 075 5014 420



Address: via Amendola, 122 – 70126 Bari

Phone: +39 080 5929596

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Address: via Cavour, 4-6 – 87036 Rende (CS)

Phone: +39 0984 841492

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Address: Stati Uniti, 4 – 35127 Padova

Phone: +39 049 8295803

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Address: Strada delle Cacce, 73 – 10135 Torino

Phone: +39 011 3977811

Fax: +39 011 3977820

Research Unit Responsible: Dr. Gianluca MARCATO


Members of the Research Unit

Ballaera Angelo
Bossi Giulia
Catelan Filippo Tommaso
Ceccotto Federica
Mantovani Matteo 049 829 5827
Marcato Gianluca 049 829 5804
Pasuto Alessandro 049 829 5800
Sarretta Alessandro 049 829 5817