Sant’Anna School University

Expertise: Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (SSSA) is a public academic institution located in Pisa, Italy. It is a public university institute – with special autonomy – working in the field of applied sciences: Economics and Management, Law, Political Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Plant Biotechnology, Medicine, and Industrial and Information Engineering. It has the profile of a research-oriented university, and is ranked 1st among Italian small-sized universities. In 2017, SSSA placed 10° in the global ranking of the best young universities (<50 years) compiled by the Times Higher  Education  (THE). SSSA is organized in six Institutes, among which is the Institute of Communication, Information and Perception Technologies(TeCIP).

TeCIP was established in 2001 as a “Centre of Excellence” as provided by the Italian Education Ministry, in joint collaboration with Marconi Communications SpA (now Ericsson) and the PNTLab of CNIT. The Institute has achieved a significant position in a national and international panorama, relevant scientific agreements with important foreign universities, joint laboratories with European and extra-European partnerships.

The main objectives of the Institute are:

  • development of high-quality scientific and technological research;
  • development of innovative international training programmes at graduate’ level (Masters of Science, Masters and Ph.D. degrees);
  • the promotion and implementation of programmes of international exchange in order to attract
    high-profile researchers, offering them high-quality research facilities establishing relevant synergy between industry and academia;
  • the support to R&D in new national high-technology enterprises through the use of its know-how, also fostering the creation of spin-offs.

The Institute counts more than 300 employees, about10 training initiatives, with around 150 students from all over the world attending classes and using the research facilities, more than 100 operative research projects and an yearly budget of more than 10 million.

TeCIP is organized into research units, referring to three main scientific fields: Communication, Embedded Systems and Perceptual Robotics:

  • Communication: Networks and Services, Optical Communication Systems, Optical Communication Theory and Techniques, Optical Fiber sensors and Integrated Photonics Subsystems, High-capacity Optical Communications, Digital and Microwave Photonics, Advanced Technologies for Integrated Photonics.
  • Embedded Systems: Real-Time Systems, Resource Management, Embedded Systems Design, Networks of Embedded Systems.
  • Perceptual Robotics: Intelligent Automation Systems, Human-Robot Interaction, Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments, Security, Environment, Energy and Safety (SEES Center), Advanced Robotics Research Center (Gustavo Stefanini Center).

The communication area is the most related to CNIT. It include research interests and projects concerning:

  • theoretical and experimental aspects of transmission, processing and networking of information exploiting electrical and optical signals. The focus is on communication systems and techniques, optical systems and amplification, digital photonics, optical networks, photonic technologies
  • photonics for sensing: the focus is on distributed fiber sensors, remote sensors as lidar and photonics-based radars, biophotonics both from a system and technological point of view.

The communication area, thanks to the complementary skills, the international technical-scientific qualification and its dimensions, for human resources and equipment, is able to develop relevant projects: in particular, it can carry out experiments that go as far as the technological demonstration in relevant industrial environments (TRL6). The research staff consists of professors, researchers, doctoral students and technicians. Furthermore, the area offers high quality educational and professional training in the telecommunications sector and in the field of Photonic Networks and Technologies.

Address: TeCIP Institute, Area della Ricerca del CNR – S. Cataldo, Via Moruzzi, 1 – 56124 PISA

Phone: +39 050 88 2221 [050 88+ext]

Fax: +39 050 88 2194

Research Unit Responsible: Prof. Luca VALCARENGHI

University Representative in the Shareholders’ Assembly: Prof. Enrico FORESTIERI


Members of the Research Unit

CASTOLDI Piero 2152
CECCHETTI Gabriele 2009
CIARAMELLA Ernesto 2156
OTON NIETO Claudio 2024
PORZI Claudio 2147
RUSCELLI Anna Lina 2016
SECONDINI Marco 2166