Italian-Israeli Workshop on Innovation in devices and systems for ICT

Roma/L’Aquila, December 1-2, 2017 Chairman Dr. Luca Potì, Head of Research Area High-Capacity and Secure Optical Communications Photonic Networks and Technologies Laboratory – CNIT Pisa Italy and Israel share their strong inclination to innovation. The two Countries have, however, different background and regulations in particular for what concerns start-up incubation, development, high quality production, venture capital and big industries

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The CNIT promotes ECOC 2018 at ECOC 2017 in Gothenburg

The CNIT, Organizing Institution of ECOC 2018 (Rome, September 23-27, 2018), managed a booth at the 43th ECOC Conference (ECOC 2017 – Gothenburg, 17-21 September 2017). In this context, the most representative companies in the field of optical communication from all over the world showed their forefront technologies; the area dedicated to the exhibition hosted about 5,000 people.

Prof. Karu Esselle’s lesson at Rome Tre University on September 5th

Please note the lesson that Prof. Karu Esselle, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, will hold at Rome Tre University on September 5th in the activities of Chapter Center and South Italy of MTT and AP of IEEE and of PhD in Applied Electronics. In attachment a brief biography of Prof. Esselle and the abstract of the lesson.

EXPO 2017: Regione Liguria and CNIT at the Universal Exhibition in Astana, Kazakhstan

Regione Liguria is the protagonist of Padiglione Italia at Expo Astana 2017, dedicated to the themes of sustainability, innovation and energy efficiency. During the week from July 12 to 17, the Regione Liguria and Liguria International presented the Ligurian strategies and energy excellence to thirty Kazakh operators in the sector. “We have decided – explained the Regional Assessor for

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Livorno: the Italian case study for the Port of the Future

Maritime transport represents 90% of global trade and ports are therefore a very important and strategic resource. Container traffic has experienced a steady growth with cumulative annual rates of 7-8%. According to the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), global container handling in ports could rise up to four times the current levels by 2030 and five to

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Nano-satellite for emergency: D-SAT mission has been launched

SatAlert, designed in collaboration with CNIT (University of Florence Research Unit), is an in-orbit validation of the Multiple Alert Message Encapsulation (MAMES) protocol, defined by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). MAMES is an extensible multiple alert message encapsulation protocol for transporting differently formatted alert messages over satellite links. It guarantees the timely distribution of alert messages to the intended

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